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  Introductory Note About the Course: Read Me First!


Gabe here, the instructor of the course. I'm a former teacher, education researcher, and now CEO of an ed-tech company in the 3D/VR space called Edorble. This is just a quick note about how this class will be conducted, along with some tips on how to navigate it. At the bottom you'll find ways to contact me, and I am always all ears for any feedback or comments. If you like what you're seeing and think your colleagues might be interested, the more the merrier - just share this link. If you'd like to repost to your own site any of the content you see on this course, please ask for my permission before doing so and source it back here. If you're willing, introduce yourself in the comments of this post, sharing whatever you'd like about yourself, and include your Twitter handle if you'd like to network with other teachers interested in this space. I'm also curious to hear what you're hoping to get out of this course.

Each week will revolve around a particular theme, and I'm going to post the units for each week on each Saturday. Each unit contains a few readings, questions, and tasks to complete. Most tasks in week one will involve responding to the material in the comment section at the bottom of each unit, but in later weeks, tasks will have you doing some creating and tinkering with tech tools, and then sharing links to those creations with the class. It's worth noting that week 1 has us doing some thinking and reflecting about this technology, and it's not until later weeks that we do more playing/tinkering. I think it's important not to leave out this piece, and I hope after looking at the material that you'll agree.

You can do these units at your own pace, but I'd like us all to stay together at the weekly level. In other words, as best we can I'd like us to be working through the content within the same weekly time frame. I want you to respond to the comments and work of your peers, and this will be more impactful if we are looking at the same material in the same rough time frame. So, do the units at your own pace but stay within the weekly time frame. When week 2 hits, we should all be finished with the units from Week 1. The work we've done in Week 1 will help nuance our conversations moving forward, and so forth.

I also encourage you to communicate any of your thoughts or interesting links for the class with the hashtag #vredchat on Twitter. I'll be actively monitoring that hashtag, and I encourage all of you to check in on it and contribute to it! I'll also use it to share new articles or items that are relevant to the class. I'll be tweeting from the @edorble twitter handle.

I recognize that many of you enrolled in the class have been working in this space for years, and will undoubtedly have insights or materials that I haven't furnished. I am always open to hearing your thoughts on things the class should check out if you think it would be worthwhile. Email me, share them on #vredchat, or post them in the comments on a relevant unit us all out! I also know that we have people here from a wide range of disciplines, educational contexts, and grade levels, from K-adult.

Not all units and materials will be relevant to everyone. In the future, we'll be offering more courses that hone in on specific subjects. Feel free to email me if you have specific requests, or if you'd like to collaborate with me on a course in the future.

If you're curious to know more about what I do when I'm not doing this, feel free to check out If you have a "multiplayer" 3D/VR project that you'd like to bring to life, we can probably work with you to make it happen. Shoot me an email.

For comments, questions, feedback, ideas, or trolling I can always be reached at:


twitter @edorble

phone: +1-717-713-3610

whatsapp: +1-717-713-3610

skype: skygabe3

Kiersten Brown
Hi there! I am a freshman in high school and found this website on tinkercad. I work on 3D printing a lot but i don't do anything with vr. I would love to learn how and show my DMC teacher my creations. I would love to make an open world type of area on different history topics like; World War I, World War II, Cold War, etc.

Gabriel Baker
Hi Kiersten, it's absolutely fantastic to have you with us. We've moved the course over to a new platform at could you enroll over there (still free it course!). Once you're there, I'll message you and we can talk about how we can collaborate to bring your creations into VR!
Greyson Stewart MacGregor
How do i migrate the comments and course?
Greyson Stewart MacGregor
I would like to create a massive open world game for deeper exploration in this class for 3D/VR technology but I don't know how. Can you teach me how to do it?
Gabriel Baker
Hi Greyson, great to have you here. Just a quick note that we've migrated the course over to we'd love to see you at its new home. As fo this question about open world game development, I'd love to talk further. Can you shoot me an email at ?
Greyson Stewart MacGregor
Ok, I will do that soon but not now. Ok? I promise. Thank you for your patience. Because i have a different class at 9:40 AM.
Gabriel Baker
That's perfect. Please migrate these comments over to the new platform! In the introductory unit over there, there is a video, but in the text around it I explain everything I say in the video. It will show you how to use the new platform. :)
susan morris
Beginning at the end.
I'm a media specialist/teacher/librarian at Greenwich High School (large 2,800 public hs). I received a grant for a class head-set, but after visiting a few schools who are implementing them, I'm going to learn more about the options before buying. Let me know if you want me to wait for the next course. I do have break next week so could do some intensive work. Thanks. Susan
Gabriel Baker
Hi Susan, we've moved this course over to a new platform (still free) at
Could you check it out there. Would love to have you start up next week! You can take it at your own time, at your own pace. Lots of people trickled in late so it became best to run it that way. Join the discussion over at . You can find the course there and join the community!
Allen Nice-Webb
I am getting here near the and of the course timeframe, but I am committed to life-long learning. Therefore, I decided to try to get on board and learn as much as I can. As one of the initial users of Edorble, with my international project-based learning experience, I want to learn more how to bring virtual reality to secondary education. I am a high school math and science teacher at Buncombe County Early College in North Carolina, US.

Although, my late arrival is not ideal, I am committed to advancing as quickly as possible , and open to repeating at another time as needed. The is also helpful, thanks!
Allen Nice-Webb

Raoul Teeuwen
Hi. I'm sorry, i'm a little late to the party. I'm from The Netherlands, working with the Dutch National Research and Education Network (NREN). I have composed a set of sheets about VR and AR, with examples of how to use it in primary, secondary and higher ed, which can be found at!3963&ithint=file%2cpptx&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!AFCGKogmQ-mKSIw .
Gabriel Baker
Hi Raoul, thanks for joining us...but because of your lateness you might not be aware that we found a final home for this course at:

You clearly have a lot to bring to the party so I'd kindly ask that you head over there and migrate your comments (copy and paste) over to the course on that platform! Looking forward to seeing you there.
Mike Ward
1. Are tools like Google Cardboard fundamentally different from the "VR" devices of the past?
Basically, VR devices have the same goals. To make the learning experience come alive. The hardware has and will evolve but the target goal remains the same.
Are the way teachers are currently using Cardboard different from the way teachers used Stereoscopes? Seems the same (student, teacher, content, interaction)

2. What is your take on the way that VR hardware/software is/was marketed for the education space? Effective, accurate, misleading, sensational....? What do you think? Feel free to provide examples with links.
I think we are morfing from a novelty with potential to a tool that will drive learning in the 21st century.

3. In the 1992 CBS video, do you share the concerns about VR technology expressed at the end of the video? Why or why not? No, tough to think that meaningful tools that drive learning would be ignored. Once put into practice and documented, the technology will spread.

4. Was it helpful to explore the historical context of virtual reality hardware and some of the history of 3D visual tech in the classroom?
Sure - it was cool.
JB Shaw
Hello everyone, It's fascinating to see how augmented-virtual reality has made tremendous progress within the last year 2016. For example, go to I have been following developments in this field because it's easy to see how other fields of my interest will be very soon be connected to it and enhanced by it, advancing our learning capabilities and manufacturing capabilities/i.e. virtual reality 3D printing and health sciences research (oncology pharmacology developments), by adding/linking new tools like the semantic web (IBM Watson) and Big Data/The Internet of Things (IoT) (Wearable mobile devices) to augmented-virtual reality environments. So I look forward to reading your comments and participating in the discussions here.
Michael Drezek
Hello everyone. I was hoping to land here earlier in the week but in any case, here I am. I am the District Technology Integrator for Lake Shore CSD in Angola, NY. I work with K-12 teachers in the classroom and support professional learning with educational technology. 3D/VR tech has always captured my attention and I would love to learn more and do more with it in the classroom. We recently finished up a project in OpenSim relating to The Diary of Anne Frank. Students were so engaged. I wrote about it here: I have also explored things like Google Expeditions, CoSpaces, Nearpod VR, Minecraft Edu, etc. I am far from an expert but am always willing to jump in and try something new. I am hoping that this course will help open my eyes to more integration ideas. I am even more excited to connect with and learn with this likeminded community. I am @m_drez on Twitter.
Storie Walsh
Wow, Michael! Thank you so much for sharing your experience through this blog post. I'm interested in learning more about The Islands of Enlightenment project, and it looks like Andrew Wheelock would be a good contact for me? First, two questions for you, if I may: What was the project duration for your English 9 Honors classes/students? and Other than the final presentations were there other aspects of the project which required synchronous/scheduled attendance, and/or could the students explore and learn on their own schedules?
Michael Drezek
Hello Storie! Andrew Wheelock would be great to contact. His team put it together. His email is or @spiffwhitfield on Twitter. I believe a school from New Jersey jumped onto the project so it has now expanded outside of our local region. He would be able to share specifics as his organization houses the server. More info is here: We ran the project over two weeks. The students could easily have explored on their own. A few did, but most completed the project in the classroom under scheduled attendance. They had no prior experience with this environment so it helped to work with them in person. There were a series of assignments hosted in the museum library. There were 10 total. We made two mandatory and offered a choice of two others. Some involved work in world and some involved work outside of the world (journal via Google Doc). It made for nice variety and allowed students to follow their interests. I hope this answers your questions! Let me know if you have others.
Storie Walsh
You rock, Michael. Thanks for the info! I will let you know how my preliminary discussion goes with our curriculum team. Cheers!
Gabriel Baker
Also curious about Storie's questions!
Michael Drezek
Hi Gabe. Just posted a few comments on Storie's questions :)
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us, Michael! Looks like you've already explored quite a bit...hopefully will be able to show you at least a few new things, or give you some good food for thought. :)
Michael Drezek
I've explored a bit but know there is a whole world of content out there and I have only scratched the surface. It sure is a great time to be teaching and learning. I am sure I will learn new things here from this course and from the wonderful people participating. Food for thought is always a good thing. Thanks for putting this together! I just hope I can keep pace. I've already fallen behind a bit in Week 1 :)
Pere Cornellà Canals
Hello everyone!!

I'm a university professor at the University of Girona (Catalonia, Spain). The subjects I am teaching are related with educational technology. I use gamification as a methodology than can transform education. So, one of the resources I am using are 3d worlds, agumented reality and virtual reality. During the last years I was working with OpenSim. Only a couple of years ago I am also using Minecraft.

I discovered Edorble via a colleague and I am curious to dive into it.

And here I am! I'm eager to learn about these items.
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us Here. :) Any Edorble related questions feel free to send to

Look forward to seeing your thoughts over the next few weeks. :)
Aubrie Adams
Hi Everyone :). I'm a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara interested in educational technology and game-based learning. I'm hoping to learn more about current and future uses of VR in educational and training contexts :)!
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us, Brie! For those interested...Brie is an absolute rock star and here at Edorble we're grateful that she presented Edorble at a communications conference in Puerto Rico. :) She's also done some fascinating work on the use of emojis in teacher-student communication!
Aubrie Adams
Don Bickley
Hello all. I do quite a few things here with the University of Alaska, Prince William Sound campus. From general IT to Extron and Video Conference systems, I also work with faculty to instruct them on how to design consistent course shells within Blackboard using its assorted features. I've been creating simulations within virtual worlds for about 10 years, working on everything from social clubs, virtual super malls, interactive anatomical models, a whole suite of Biology and Chemistry labs, and currently mine operations process simulators. Since I do all of the modelling, texturing, designing, programming, and testing myself, I don't necessarily get out much online. ;)

I am here because it has been awhile since I've done something like this, and I am skeptical of VR in the sense that I believe a lot of the techniques and learning mechanisms for creating engaging 3D content are already in place--and have been for a long time--and people are too hung up on headsets, which are just over-glorified controllers. Having been just as immersed and amazed by Doom 4 as I was when I played my first computer game back in 1997, Doom 2, I tend to focus primarily on the design and structure of creating learning experiences from a content-first perspective. I do love VR, though, so I am looking forward to this!
Storie Walsh
Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Don. Your point about headsets and hardware resonates with me, and I think you'll find a lot of likeminded individuals here. I will say that advancements in this hardware has resulted in a renewed focus in this area by educators, *funders*, and administrators alike, (and students have already been on board) so is the bright side from my perspective. Exploiting this by offering the option for use (optionally but not required) on top of well structured learning opportunities is key. That way we're not excluding students who don't have the hardware, but we are perhaps better engaging those who do.
Don Bickley
Hi Storie, I think the best controller is going to be the user's hands, and being able to use all five fingers to do things will open up some new possibilities for interactivity that are a bit more efficient to access than when using layers that you click through with a mouse. At the end of the day, though, I feel like these VR experiences are really the same regardless of if you use a headset or a mouse/screen, at least they should be IMO. :)
Gabriel Baker
Great to have someone of your experience with us, Don. Would love to share some of your work with the class so that they could explore it, and would also love to hear about your modeling/programming workflow. Separate from the course, if you have any 3D environments that you'd like to make available as Edorble worlds, feel free to ping me at :)
Don Bickley
The stuff is pretty old, and one of these days I will get around to revamping the public materials. :) As far as workflow, I use Maya as the main modelling app, with texturing in Photoshop and/or 3DCoat. I then use LSL if scripting in Second Life, or C# if scripting and working within Unity for assembling my scenes. I use a mind mapping program called Freemind to draw out all of my intended logic ahead of time to see if I can spot oddities early and change the design if necessary. Any necessary class materials, such as lab handouts, are accessed via Blackboard.
Storie Walsh
I've started compiling a list of our twitter handles under a public Twitter List. In case helpful: Please don't hesitate to reach out if I missed anyone.
Jamie Billingham
Awesome - thanks for doing that - I'm @jamiebillingham :-)
Storie Walsh
Great, I've added you to the list, Jamie. Cheers.
Gabriel Baker
Great idea, Storie, thanks for this!
Storie Walsh
ps, I'm at @storiewalsh.
Jamie Billingham
Hi folks,

Coming into this a bit behind - Storyline project has kept me busy for the past 5 days straight :-O

I live in the currently white, usually green, Fraser Valley (Chilliwack), just outside Vancouver, BC. My official work title is manager of capacity building. I work for a nonprofit umbrella org that supports over 600 affordable housing providers in BC. Really, what I do mostly is curse Moodle and design learning - curriculum and instruction, f2f and online - either with subject matter experts or without - I'm easy that way lol

I love tech - especially edtech, am an early adopter of so many amazing pieces of software that I now list beta tester as an official hobby.

I think VR has incredible potential in the education and training fields. So stoked to be here!


@jamiebillingham on Twitter
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us, Jamie! :)
Alicia Willis
Hello! I'm an Instructional Development Specialist at a non-profit research center at The Ohio State University. Most of my time is spent developing online professional development modules for adult and basic literacy education teachers throughout the state of Ohio.

Twitter: @Willis483
Gabriel Baker
Greetings Alicia, great to have you with us. What platform/LMS do you use for your online course delivery?
Alicia Willis
We use Articulate Storyline 2 at our center to develop online modules, which are delivered to state teachers through Moodle and to university staff and faculty through a branded version of CornerStone.
Mary Leonard
Hello everyone! Mary Leonard in Springfield, Ohio. I work with 11 and 12th grade student. I am here to find out more about VR and how I can implement edorble into my classroom. Students have viewed 360 but I would like to get into more of the making of VR. I look forward to learning with you guys.
Gabriel Baker
Hi Mary, great to have you with us. Lots of Ohians here!! We will definitely get into some VR creation tools.
Dianna D. Crescitelli
Hi everyone! Dee Crescitelli in Frankfort, KY. I work with the Kentucky Center for Mathematics in several elementary schools, and also teach pre-service teachers. I am very excited to be part of this class! Looking forward to learning with you all!
Gabriel Baker
Dianna - wonderful to have you with us. Looking forward to your contributions.
Ali Halsey
Howdy! I'm a TOSA from Central CA. I'm here to find out more about VR in the classroom. Follow me on Twitter! @alihalsey
Gabriel Baker
Hi Ali, forgive my ignorance...but what's a TOSA? Also, I'm not too far from you - Santa Barbara!
Alice Bote
Hi! MA student here doing a research on using VR for kids with disabilities. Looking forward to learn more! 😄😀
Gabriel Baker
Hi Alice. :) Awesome to have you with us.
Joni Ehm
Hello! I am an Instructional Coach at a small rural school district in Iowa. I have always been passionate about using technology to enhance instruction. This year I have become fascinated by the possibilities of VR to bring a world of possibilities to our students. I would love to see them not just consume content, but also create it. I'm excited to learn from and alongside so many talented individuals!
Twitter: @JoniEhm
Gabriel Baker
Fantastic to have you with us, Joni. We'll definitely be looking at some creation tools. :)
Anna María Thorkelsdottir
Hi. I am an IT project leader within my school and I am always looking for new ways for my teachers to implement technology in their teachings. I work in a school for 6 to 16 year old in Reykjavik, Iceland and I also work on IT related projects for the educational bureau and the IT department for the municipality of Reykjavik. I am looking forward to the next few weeks and hope I will learn something great for our students.

Twitter: @kortsen
Jason Webb
Greetings my new VR friends, I am an Instructional Analyst from Syracuse University that also teaches Visual Effects and Animation to Film, Game, and Journalist majors. I can't wait to hear what everyone has to offer and I am looking forward to learning!
Gabriel Baker
Jason - great to have you with us...and I know my co-founder Cederik was trying to get a call with you lined up to discuss possibilities for collaboration with your classes!
Hi everyone,

This is Virginia, online from London. I work for a company that delivers custom executive education programmes and we are looking into VR as an additional option for our blended teachings.
Gabriel Baker
Hi Virginia, awesome to have you with us. Would be curious to hear more about what your company might be interested in cooking up. Feel free to email me at about it if you'd like...I might be able to recommend a few people or tools.
Greg Nagy
I am currently an Instructional Designer and web conferencing administrator for multiple grant funded projects at The Ohio State University. I have created online courses that provide professional development for teachers around Ohio and the USA. I am fortunate enough to have purchased an Oculus Rift + Touch and have ordered a Meta 2 to test and show others in order to get ideas on how we can best use this new technology for education. Looking forward to always learning more!
Gabriel Baker
Hi Greg, great to have you with us. While a lot of what we'll look at involves mobile VR hardware, I'll make sure to include Oculus-ready apps as well. Very cool that you do web-conferencing stuff as well...I did my research on online synchronous learning and the tool I work on now is in that field as well.
Kim Murphree
Hello! I am an Educational Technology Trainer in the DFW area of the Great State of Texas (which must be capitalized). I am passionate about VR in the classroom and have been sharing it with curriculum coordinators, teachers, and students throughout my district. I am excited about this course, and look forward to it!

Twitter: @murphree_kim
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us Kim! Looking forward to learning from you.
Valeria Rodriguez
Hello! My name is Valeria Rodriguez. I love seeing how diverse our collection of educators is!!!! I'm a Middle School Science at Gulliver in Miami, Fl. I teach with a few people who have already introduced themselves on this thread. I'm so excited for this program. I love integrating technology into my classes whenever possible. I'm currently working on my Masters in Instructional Technology and will be teaching a course in AR & VR this summer for middle schoolers (so I am really looking to gain applicable knowledge that will allow me to hit the ground running).
I am part of Space Educator Expedition Crew Program, where 36 teachers from across the country are collaborating in six regional crews to develop teacher leadership skills and STEM based learning experiences to empower communities, schools, and students, and develop the skills of the next astronauts, scientists, and engineers going to MARS!

On a side note, I published a bilingual children's book about how technology changed my son's perspective in terms of loved ones living near and far,

Here is a little video clip I share with my students about me: Every letter of STEAM is important to me, but the one ingredient that makes it all work is C, for CREATIVITY! I'm looking forward to learning more about VR & 3D so that the creative juices can flow and I can find helpful ways to integrate these skills into my class.

Twitter: @GA_ScienceRodva
Storie Walsh
Wow, Valeria. You are clearly a rock star, and one who is making a world of a difference in education -- thank you! I particularly love your comment regarding "the one ingredient that makes it all work is C". Also enjoyed learning a bit about you via your YouTube video. I look forward to participating with you in this course. Cheers.
Cynthia Farrell
I work as a technology instructional specialist in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York State. I'm part of a team that provides professional development and embedded coaching to teachers in our region. We have been sharing AR and VR experiences with students and are interested in exploring opportunities for students and teachers to create their own. Looking forward to learning with you.
Gabriel Baker
It's great to have you with us Cynthia! Feel free to invite any of your colleagues that might be interested. Looking forward to your contributions over the next few weeks.
Christian Angel Rueda
Greetings my name is Christian Angel Rueda, I am a Ph.D. student in Educational Technology, my research focuses on the use of virtual worlds for educational purposes. I am from Mexico Querétaro of the Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro
Rick Funes
Hi Everyone
My name is Rick Funes @makerfunes. I am the Makerspace Facilitator at my school in Miami. I am very much interested in VR and hope to know more than I already do.
Valeria Rodriguez
Gabriel Baker
Hi Rich and Valeria! Rick, would love to hear more about your Makerspace. Do you have students doing 3D design?
Rick Funes
Hi Gabe! Yes, my students use Tinkercad to print 3D designs and parts for projects they're working on. For example, they recently designed boards games based on geographical locations, so they designed and 3D printed all the game pieces.
Gabriel Baker
Incredible...we're actually taking a close look at Tinkercad in week 3, so it'd be great if you could share some of your experiences with the class then.
Rick Funes
Lynne Telfer
Hello everyone!
I am a Senior Educator at the Grange College, Melbourne. 2017 Global Minecraft Mentor (Education) and love incorporating 21st-C learning design and technology into the classroom to enhance learning.
twitter: lynnetelfer
youtube: lynnetelfermc
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us Lynne. We aren't going to be spending much time with Minecraft in this class, so if you have some materials that you'd like to share with the class, I'd be happy to chat with you about that!
Gabriel Baker
and PS: just followed you on Twitter!
Ann Nowak
Hello everyone
My name is Ann Nowak and I teach English at secondary and University level in Germany. I also do teacher training in Second Life and Open Sim (Virtual worlds) As I am a lover of teaching with technology, I always try to integrate new technology into my classes. I hope to learn a lot about VR and AR here because I do not have experience in the field.
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us, Ann. Can't wait to see how you can contribute in week 4 when we talk about Social VR. If you have some materials you'd like to share with the class, just let me know!
Jenny marmion
Hello! My name is Jenny Marmion and I am a K-5 reading specialist from Illinois. One year ago I started using technology to engage and motivate my reluctant readers. It has been the most powerful addition to my curriculum to date. I've since branched out and started mentoring my district in the effectiveness of technology-based instruction. VR has been a goal of mine. My hope is to learn as much as I can about VR in order to create literacy-based lessons for my students as well as assist my colleagues with implementing VR into their classrooms. My twitter handle is @link2teach. Looking forward to learning together.
Gabriel Baker
Looking forward to learning from you, Jenny! And just followed you on Twitter. :)
Will Waghorne
Will Waghorne, US History teacher in Austin, Texas. @mr_wag on Twitter. I have been using iPads in the classroom for the past 3 years and trying to utilize AR and VR with students on their personal devices and the class set of iPads. I am trying to learn about some of the different educational possibilities of the platform and possible learning outcomes for middle school students. I'm excited to make some connections with like-minded educators, learn about others' goals with AR/VR, and find new resources.
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us, Will...I believe we connected last week at #arvrinedu ? Thanks for taking the leap into this class.
Nathalie Stirland
Hi All
I'm Nathalie, Nat for short. I've been living in London for over 30 years. I teach English and ICT to adults and I'm also the ILT Champion where I work. I'm interested in using technology in the classroom and I'm hoping to include using Edorble in a new blended learning course I'm developing.
Gabriel Baker
Sounds great, Nathalie. Feel free to ping me at for any Edorble-related questions.
Jamey Boelhower
Good evening everyone,
My Twitter handle is @jdog90

I am the Education Tech Coordinator for Central Community College. We are starting to look into fusing VR into our programs, like nursing. I have been using apps like Aurasma for years. I hope to learn and connect from other professionals.
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us, Jamey!
Kim Pond
Good Evening! Kim Pond from Plant City, FL (the Strawberry Capital of the world!) and I have been teaching English Language Arts at the high school level for 3 years now (1 year in middle school). I cannot contain my excitement at being a part of this Edorble course and truly being a part of a GLOBAL think-tank for 3D/VR in education!
I believe that I entered the teaching field right at the moment when all of the exciting EdTech. initiatives are still being offered, altered, and refined and I am truly thankful to be a part of tremendously exciting offerings such as Edorble! WIth 4 years invested in the teaching field, I can definitively state that my passion is EdTech., especially in the field of VR/AR/MR/3D and that is why I have been focused on funding my classroom through for Chromebooks, a 3D printer, Spheros, VR sets, and (soon) SmartPhones for VR experiences! I am now trying to fund a professional development opportunity for Computer Science through and, hopefully, that will help me be a better connection for my students as I try to implement AR/VR/MR/3D in our classroom.
My experience with VR/AR/MR/3D is still limited due to the tremendously wide array of offerings but I am familiar with (my students LOVE creating 3D/VR environments and experiencing them; we will start using Blockly heavily next quarter), Aurasma, Quiver, Nearpod (they have VR fields trips that students can take while in a lesson), and, of course, Edorble (a proud Pioneer)! Although I may have researched, previewed, and dabbled with other AR/VR/MR/3D tech. and tools, the aforementioned ones are ones that I have found to have practical applications within the classroom.
As much as I love EdTech. and see its exciting possibilities to transform the classroom, I am also practical in my approach and realize that it does begin with me insomuch as I am the one responsible for researching, learning, and training myself (or finding the training) to facilitate the transformation of my classroom into a 21st-century one that utilizes technology programs, apps, and software meaningfully. If I cannot appropriately and meaningfully introduce, implement, and reveal the value of EdTech. to my students, then it will all be for naught. In my experiences, thus far, schools are lagging behind greatly with the ability to offer tools and tech. suitable for 21st-century learners and I am doing my utmost to make my classroom a 1:1 classroom as well as one that provides innovative tech. such as a 3D printer, VR sets, etc. Right now, I am applying for a grant through Farmers Insurance and their "Thank America's Teachers" (#thankamericasteachers) grant proposal/voting contest because I am trying to bring a Sprout Pro by HP into our classroom so that we can have a mini-makerspace in our classroom.

I look forward to being a part of the discussion and learning and hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Thank You,
Mr. Kim Pond
English Language Arts
Plant City, FL
Giselle Pempedjian
Hello Mr. Kim,
Your students and community are lucky to have you working for them!

P.S. I am Giselle Pempedjian from Lebanon, the Middle East. So glad to be part of this great community!
Kim Pond
Hello Giselle! Thank you for your kind words. Welcome to the class and I look forward to learning with you! :)
Howie Gordon
Hi All
My name is Howie Gordon and I currently vice principal of an elementary school in Israel. I am Googel Certified Educator and an Innovator. I am studying for my Masters Degree in Educational Technology and I am doing my thesis on Virtual Worlds in Elementary schools and how these words motivate and encourage the students to learn.
Marcus Birkenkrahe
One of my students just completed his B.Sc. thesis on the learning effects of AR/VR - at the heart of the thesis was a classroom experiment comparing 360-degree recording and a traditional video lecture. Thesis is written in German, alas, but he's very knowledgeable in this area & you two might like to connect - compare notes and what not. Cheers from Berlin!
Storie Walsh
What an excellent topic for a thesis, Howie! I would be interested in hearing more about your study approach and driving questions.
Fortunato Sorrentino
see my question in today's thread :-)
Marcus Birkenkrahe
Hi everyone - I'm marcus @birkenkrahe from Berlin, Germany. I've taught in 3D virtual worlds (e.g. in SecondLife®). My main interest is to take a few classes to @edorble some time soon. I teach CS at the Berlin School of Economics and Law & my research is on e-learning & gamification. Really enjoyed Gabe's relaxed intro - looking fwd to learning & networking with you guys. Will check out the other comments now & then head over to the exhibition hall...cheers from Berlin!
Kathi Kersznowski
Hi Edorble friends,
I'm currently a technology integration specialist working with teachers and students in 4 elementary schools in my southern NJ school district. I'll also be graduating in May with a degree in School Administration. Currently, I provide a lot of professional development, and hopefully motivation and encouragement, as a major component of my wonderfully fun job! I know that as a building or district leader, I'll still be looking for innovative ways to personalize PD for staff and colleagues. I love the idea of embracing VR to engage learners and to share content in a new, exciting, and definitely unique way. I'm so very intrigued by the Edorable world, and just want to learn more with all of you so that I can use this as a tool with staff - and hopefully students, too!
Storie Walsh
My name is Storie Walsh. As VP of Technology for The Virtual High School ( I am continually considering technology options as means to solving educational challenges and providing consultation on the integration of edtech tools and content into our online instruction. VR is an exciting topic for me, and I look forward to learning with and from all of you over the next four weeks. Based on comments shared so far I am impressed by the diversity in geography and backgrounds as well as the depth of knowledge, talent, and passion shining through these introductions. Thank you, Gabe, for sharing your wisdom and for bringing us together for what is sure to be a great journey/adventure.
Giselle Pempedjian
Hello everyone,
Glad to participate in what seems to be an amazing class!
Gabriel Baker
Happy to have you with us Giselle...Can't wait to hear your thoughts throughout the course.
Mike Ward
Mike Ward, Educator and Coach from Michigan. Nearly 30 years of teaching students from all walks of life has led Mike to a unique philosophy called TLC3 for E. His philosophy leverages Technology, Literacy, Content, Curriculum, and Creativity for Educators seeking to give all students every opportunity to be successful. It blends a standards-based approach with authentic learning experiences to engage students and encourage lifelong learning.

The TLC3 for E philosophy is driven by a format called A Template 4 Success. Each learning unit has its own unique template. The template provides an organized course plan, complete with appropriate content and documentation infused with 21st century skills. These essential skills include, but are not limited to, creativity, problem-solving, communicating, collaboration, decision making, entrepreneurship, and research. Mike has taken great steps to make the activities real, which allows students to take ownership of their learning. In addition, the template clearly communicates most, if not all, expectations to students, parents, administrators, and the community.

His philosophy helps teachers maximize effectiveness and efficiency. It has been successfully implemented in many academic classes as well as with the football players he coaches. Since time management is a key ingredient in success and job satisfaction, the template has helped teachers use limited time to maximize effort while continually turning out a better product for students.

The journey to perfect this philosophy has been a long one. Mike’s resources are designed to pique your interest and encourage future collaboration, so you and all of your students can begin to reap the benefits.

Mike’s passion for teaching is only surpassed by his excitement for learning.
Mike Ward
Twitter = @tlc34e
Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Hi! I am Stella Maris Berdaxagar from La Pampa, Argentina. I am an ESL Teacher and Higher Education and ICT Specialist. I flip my private classes via Edmodo and curate content with global communities of practice. I have attended courses in Second Life and I like virtual learning . Above all ,I am an enthusiastic lifelong learner and I am looking forward to learning new strategies and skills to innovate my classes as well as sharing experiences with you.
Morris Tarek
Hello from Mississauga On.
I am currently working on my Masters of Distance Education through Athabasca University. Myself and two other students are working on a group project looking at the use of Virtual Reality in education. One of the team members mentioned this program and felt it might suit her needs in applying VR to grade schools versus SL.
I am a Union co-facilitator and train allied health professional how to use bedside medical instrumentation.
Would like to get a feel for a different platform to teach and have a comparator to SL.
Hildur Rudolfsdóttir
Hi everyone! My name is Hildur Rudolfsdóttir. I'm a teacher and have a M.A. in Digital Media Design for Learning from NYU. I now work as an Edtech Specialist at a high school in Iceland. I'm hoping to familiarize myself better with the VR world in order to help my students and teachers understand the possibilities VR can have in education. I'm specially interested in the platforms where one can build and make their own VR experience.
Looking forward to the next few weeks!
Gabriel Baker
Fantastic to have you with us from Iceland, Hildur! We will definitely get into some tools that let your students create their own VR experiences, especially in weeks 3 and 4.
Elsa Miranda
Hi all! I recently finished undergrad and am interested in teaching/education. I am excited to learn more about 3D/VR technology both for my personal use/learning and potentially for the classroom/teaching. Looking forward to interacting with you all!
Gabriel Baker
Thanks Elsa, great to have you with us!
Yvonne Harrison
Hi everyone! I'm a Deputy Principal in a government K-6 school in Western Australia. I've been actively looking for safe spaces in which to have students engage with creating 3D content and scenarios, already having used Minecraft in an after school club. As a long time user of VW myself I understand the potential for this platform if students are able to engage within the multiplayer space and hope somehow to have that happen for them at a scalable level.
Gabriel Baker
Hi Yvonne, great to have you with us. I think you'll come across some tools that are quite interesting to you and your students. Just curious - does your school make use of other Microsoft technology besides Office 365 for example?
Yvonne Harrison
Sorry I posted in the wrong space :( Our system has Microsoft 365 for staff and students but Minecraft Education Edition is not available to us. I have been running an internal server at my shool.
Gabriel Baker
Very interesting! A bit off-topic from the course here, but we're working on integrating some Office 365 technology into my 3D/VR world Edorble...would be grateful if you had any teachers that would be willing to pilot this once it's built!
Fortunato Sorrentino
Hello everybody!
Buongiorno a tutti!
My name is Fortunato Sorrentino, I am online from Torino, Italy. I am one of the first who discovered Edorble and a great estimator of Gabe and his work. I am a distant-education teacher, I teach to adult university students and I make use of 3D worlds in my courses. I am very keen on 3D environments for education, an approach that I believe has a great future. Yet I think that, as of today, regardless of the magics of 3D, in this domain we are still at an infant stage and there is much yet to think about and develop, from pedagogy to technology, to reach maturity.
Why 3D? What are the benefits and the advantages of teaching and learning in 3D (rather than 2D-elearning, etc)? Many people, skeptics or even not, keep asking me this question...I have some replies, but through this course I would like to develop more answers and, given the audience of this course, I turn the question to all of you in education, let's see what we come up at the end of the story, it's a key question, isn't it...
Gabriel Baker
Yes, Fortunato, you raise a fundamental question that will come to the forefront of the class, especially during week four when we talk about social VR.
Howie Gordon
Hi there
You bring up important questions and I really hope that I will be able to supply answers to them. I certyainly hope to gain insight. It is important to assume that we cannot educate solely in 3d virtual but think of a blended solution whereby some of the learning is done virtually and some that is done in a 2d world. These are my thoughts before the course.
Shelly Bailess
Greetings! I am excited to get started on this course, since I am responsible for developing curriculum for high school and college students. I work full-time for Liberty University Online Academy, a K-12 online school, and part time for Liberty University Online as the Subject Matter Expert for our US Survey course to 1865. In the Academy, we have developed our own content and curriculum... no textbooks... and are busy trying to enhance what we have with the latest technology to keep our students engaged. I look forward to applying what I learn here to our materials.
Gabriel Baker
Awesome stuff, Shelly. Looking forward to working with you! Great that you work at an online school, curious to hear at the end of the four weeks what technology you are most excited about incorporating in your curriculum or set of tech tools.
Yvonne Harrison
Gabe our system has Office 365 but Minecraft Education Edition is not yet available to us.
Jill Schwartzman
I am Jill Schwartzman @Englishgeek305. I am a 7th grade English teacher in Miami, Florida. I have been intrigued by VR for some time and would like to incorporate this technology into my curriculum. However, I am a newbie and want to feel more comfortable with the technology itself before I start lesson planning.
Gabriel Baker
Great to have you with us, Jill. I hope this class provides a nice introduction for you!
J Dobber
I am Jolanda M Dobber aka JoJa Dhara in some virtual worlds. I am from the Netherlands. I teach children through my youth Fablab new technology at a primary school.
Steve Wileman
Hi everyone, i'm Steve Wileman - ive been working in Further Education in the UK for a considerable amount of time. As Head of eLearning i have been responsible for the e-design of content and smooth running of VLE's with over 2400 courses and production teams under my control. I have helped develop augmented reality software for education and last year i felt it was time to set up my own elearning business. We have lots of traditional online content , but my real passion is augmented and virtual reality . Since starting we have designed numerous large scale AR campaigns including the first global AR campaign mental health with Rethink mental illness, and have just released our first occulus rift VR educational experience for teacher training courses. However i have been blown away by Gabe & Cedrick's amazing Edorble and can see the huge potential it can have in so many sectors. Looking forward to this course hugely !!!